How does the closing process work and how does Endpoint fit into your transaction?

1. You enter into a contract to sell your home.
2. Your agent sends it to Endpoint to kick off the closing process.
3. Endpoint researches your property and emails you and your buyer an invitation to sign up for an account.
4. You create an account to easily complete tasks and view the progress on the sale of your home.
5. Endpoint sends you simple To-Do’s & you complete them online in 10 minutes or less.
6. Endpoint uses the info to order lender payoffs, resolve title issues and ensure that no one stands between you and the sale of your home.
7. Endpoint has resolved all outstanding issues and is ready to close.
8. You and your buyer schedule your signing and a notary conveniently comes to both of you, at no cost.
9. Endpoint ensures everything is properly signed.
10. Your Buyer sends their money to Endpoint.
11. Endpoint transfers ownership of the property over to the Buyer.
12. You receive proceeds from the sale of your home.